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The Brief

We were asked by SA’s largest RV Dealership to design and shoot a series of ‘how-to’ instructional videos to assist new RV owners learn how to operate their new van.

However, WebEdge saw a much bigger opportunity – to design videos that promoted the client's brand and generated qualified leads – not simply to support the handover of vans.

The Outcome

Videos were produced in a deliberately friendly and authentic style. We then rebuilt the client’s YouTube channel and optimised it for views using best-practice video SEO techniques.

The client’s channel now has 2,849,730 views (and growing). This is building an active conversation around the Australian Caravan Co brand and driving enormous levels of traffic to the client's other marketing platforms.

The exposure has made Andy (the presenter) and Tim (the customer service manager) overnight celebrities in the caravanning community.

“WebEdge Is one of the best integrated marketing agencies in SA. Their mix of business development and marketing strategy with digital and non-digital techniques delivers great results.”

- Matt Slee, GM, Australian Caravan Company

9 Critical Things You Must Check Before 'Getting in Bed' with NationBuilder

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Take a minute to review this transparent guide that reveals who NationBuilder IS for and who it ISN'T for. Five minutes now could save you $1,000s not to mention the pounding headache of switching platforms (if it turns out that NationBuilder isn't right for your organisation).

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