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Reaching customers on and off line

The Brief

Longstanding independent retailer, Classic Timber Furniture, was looking for strategies to modernise their marketing and reach customers in the competitive catchment area of its retail stores.

WebEdge offered a short consultancy working with the clients looking at both the business and its market to identify key opportunities and competitive techniques.

The Work

WebEdge assisted identifying business development opportunities both within the business and in the market.

Our market analysis suggested that social media and database management offered potential. A trial Facebook advertising and email marketing campaign was undertaken with initial success. This strategy was then optimised and integrated with pay-per-click (AdWords), website updates and print media strategies for ongoing brand and product promotions.

The Outcome

The initial business development consultancy delivered a marketing program the produced measurable gains for the client and established the foundation plan for the staged modernisation of the marketing platform.

Classic Timber Furniture now retains WebEdge to develop, implement and continuously improve a range of innovative and cost-effective lead-generation, product management and branding strategies.

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