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The Brief

The Caravan and Camping Industries Association of South Australia represents the businesses of the outdoor leisure Industry. It runs industry-wide promotions and expos, including the annual SA Caravan and Camping and Outdoor Adventure Show and West Beach Leisurefest.

Faced with declining results from traditional media, the Association approached WebEdge for new strategies to maintain and increase attendance numbers at these expos.

The Result

WebEdge recommended a social media strategy to extend reach and engagement with the target audiences.

Astonishing results were achieved from a mix of Facebook advertising and database marketing. The Association’s Facebook following grew from 26 (yes that’s right ‘26’) to over 10,000 Likes in a short few months.

The newly created ‘Caravan and Camping SA’ community then became a platform for building rapport with a wider group of qualified consumers to promote the events, delivering record attendances.

The Brief

We were asked by this major RV Dealership to design and shoot series of ‘how-to’ instructional videos to assist new RV owners get the most from their new van.

However, WebEdge saw a bigger opportunity… By designing the videos for the dual purposes of handover and social promotion, leads could be generated and the brand promoted.

The Result

Firstly, we developed videos with a deliberately friendly and authentic style. Then we rebuilt the Client’s YouTube channel and optimised it for search using WebEdge’s deep knowledge of internet marketing techniques.

The Client’s Channel ‘took off’ - now enjoying over 300,000 views (and growing), building an active conversation around the Australian Caravan Co brand (and making Andy, the star of the videos, an overnight celebrity in the caravanning community).

The Brief

First-time candidate for the Federal electorate of Adelaide, approached WebEdge to help her with cost-effective ways of reaching voters for her campaign in the 2013 Federal election.

Carmen’s high profile both in the community and with leaders in the Party, provided quality content for a low cost ‘trial’ digital campaign utilising social media, database marketing and the Nationbuilder software platform.

The Result

We created the necessary promotional infrastructure, including a logo, colour palette, stationary, brochures and other promotional materials – then built a website on Nationbuilder, Facebook Page, Twitter Account and HTML eMagazine template.

WebEdge used the platform to promote issues personally as well as share events on the campaign trail in real time! The campaign produced unprecedented results and Carmen quickly accrued supporters and profile within her electorate.

(WebEdge admits that the commitment and calibre of the candidate had a lot to do with the results in this promotion.)

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“WebEdge Is one of the best integrated marketing agencies in SA. Their mix of business development and marketing strategy with digital and non-digital techniques delivers great results.”

- Matt Slee, GM, Australian Caravan Company

“Working with WebEdge has been the most significant growth event our business has experienced in years. Their ability to combine broader marketing strategy with digital and non-digital techniques is second to none.”

- Byron Burridge, MD, MECHVAC Engineering

“Draft A quote that we will love”

- Rt Hon Winston Peters, Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland

“We're very impressed by the work WebEdge did on our NationBuilder website. They were on top of marketing strategy, technically skilled and easy to work with. The new site contributed to our great result in the recent by-election.”

- Filip Despotoski, State Director, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party NSW

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