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How To Know When It’s Time For A New Website

Ryan Anderson

A new website is a big decision. It requires an investment of time and money, so how do you know when your business is ready? Here’s 5 ways to tell if your current website is leaking money.

Your website is hard to navigate or difficult to use


Usability is one of the most crucial aspects of a website. It can often dictate if a user is successful in finding the information they want or more importantly, poor usability may prevent them from taking action.


A well planned website that takes into account buyer personas and problem-solution thinking provides the foundation for an intuitive and helpful experience for your customers. Your website also needs to be well constructed using thoughtful, customer-centric design and modern, reliable technology.


If your customers are confused by your website or find it hard to use, it’s time to invest in an intuitive and well planned website.


 Your website isn’t mobile friendly


Mobile web browsing has exploded in recent years and many websites now see upwards of 50% of visitors using a mobile phone or tablet. If your websites doesn’t work or formats poorly on small devices, not only will you alienate visitors on mobile, but you’ll also anger the “Google gods” and be less likely to be found in searches. A mobile-friendly website is no longer a “nice to have”, it’s that simple.

Your website is slow


With millions of websites at their fingertips, people will put up with slow loading websites – they’ll simply move on to your competitors. In 2010, Google suggested that webpage loading time on desktop was a ranking factor and have recently stated they will now be making it a ranking factor for mobile also.


The average website load time is around 10-seconds however SEO experts recommend aiming for 3 seconds or less! Is your website slow? You may be losing potential customers and free traffic!


Your website doesn’t truly communicate your brand experience


There are many amazing businesses across the country but based on their web presences, you’d never know. Website’s should be an online showroom and sales person for your business. It should communicate the quality of your products and service, the depth of your experience, the uniqueness of your offering and many other aspects of your business that are important in the buying decision.


If you don’t put your best foot forward, you seriously diminish the chances of your prospect taking the next step. If your website doesn’t give the same or a better impression than talking to you in-store, it’s time for a new website.


Your website doesn’t fit in with your broader marketing strategies and activities


Your website is the cornerstone of all of your marketing. When a prospect interacts with your marketing, often their next step will be to visit your website. Does your website synergise with your broader marketing goals and messaging?


If you are running TV and Radio Ads, the website should interface with the specific message and offer of these ads. The same goes for online advertising like Google Adwords, Facebook or LinkedIn Ads.


Is your marketing outpacing your website? It may be time to upgrade.


Your website doesn’t convert


Above all else, does your website convert?


What is the ultimate purpose of your website? For some businesses, it is to generate qualified enquiries, for others it means getting people in-store and for others it means producing an online purchase.


Does your website serve its purpose affectively? If not, it’s definitely time for a new website.

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Ryan Anderson