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NationBuilder Developer

WebEdge is one of the world's leading NationBuilder API experts

Developers of the #1 NationBuilder Mobile App

WebEdge is the company behind FieldEdge, the #1 NB mobile app for NationBuilder. We have been developing FieldEdge since 2014, over which time we have developed an intimate knowledge of the API and how to effectively integrate with the NB platform.

FieldEdge brings the power of NationBuilder to the field. It provides your organisation with the tools it needs to understand your constituents, build detailed profiles and record opportunities that require action. FieldEdge is also the most powerful NationBuilder canvassing solution on the market, allowing you to go door-to-door and save all the data back to NationBuilder in real-time.

NationBuilder Development Services

Example Integrations

NationBuilder app

In 2013 WebEdge embarked on a journey to develop the first mobile app built exclusively for NationBuilder. Years later, we now have an incredibly feature packed mobile app that seamlessly integrates the People section of NationBuilder. Through our work on FieldEdge, we have learnt the nuances of the API and many unique workarounds.

Database reporting tool

Our client was obliged to deliver reports of all communications to the government each quarter. We have development a tool that extracted the necessary data from their nation and created a custom report. Due to limitations in the API, we used a unique approach of parsing the nation's database backup file. This integrations saves the organisation incredible amounts of time.

Membership and finance integration

Our client came to us wanting to use NB for their website however they needed to retain their existing membership and finance software. We developed an integration that pushes donations and membership signups to their existing software each day. This allowed them to leverage the power of NB on their website while retaining their existing "back office" without the need for data entry.

Blog migration tool

Our client had thousands of articles on their existing website when they decided to move their website to NationBuilder. Rather than loosing these articles or manually transferring them over which would have taken a tremendous amount of time, WebEdge developed a blog migration tool that automation the transfer process.


WebEdge has developed a private Zapier app that allows NationBuilder to be integrated with over 750+ other online platforms and applications.

Unparalleled experience with the NB API. No one has as much experience as us.


Top-rated customer service. We’re Australia’s number rated NationBuilder provider.


Flexible pricing options to fit the project. We work on hourly and fixed price basis.


Continued support after solution is deployed. You’re never left in the dark.


NationBuilder Certified Developers. Plus all 3 other certifications

9 Critical Things You Must Check Before 'Getting in Bed' with NationBuilder

Investing in the wrong software platform is horrible nightmare many organisations find themselves in!

Take a minute to review this transparent guide that reveals who NationBuilder IS for and who it ISN'T for. Five minutes now could save you $1,000s not to mention the pounding headache of switching platforms (if it turns out that NationBuilder isn't right for your organisation).

PS. We're 'platform agnostic' and are wholeheartedly committed to only recommending software that fits your needs.