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Is NationBuilder The Right Fit For Your Organisation?

A guide to Help Figuring Out If NationBuilder is the right SOftware Platform for your organisation.


Investing in a new software platform for your organisation or campaign is an important decision that can have repercussions for years to come.

Ask yourself these 9 questions before investing in NationBuilder.

Does your organisation, campaign or cause revolve around  growing and retaining a strong base of supporters? Are you trying to move supporters to take action and become advocates, voters, volunteers, members or donors? 

If so, NationBuilder is an excellent platform for you!

The NB platform resolves around helping you reach new supporters, engage them and get them to take action. It provides a full suite of tools from website management, donor and volunteer management, database segmentation, email communication and finances.

Do you have a large website with thousands of articles or the need to create new highly customised pages regularly.


NationBuilder may not meet the requirements for managing your website.


NationBuilder does not include a page builder, custom fields or a range of page templates like other popular content management systems.


NationBuilder’s CMS will suffice for the average organisation’s requirements (especially when supported by a NB Certified Architect), however, for some organisations, an alternative like WordPress may be more suitable. We recommend discussing your requirements and expectations with an honest Certified NationBuilder Agency or Architect.

Are you often short on people power to run your organising and marketing activity? Do you have limited technical resources to draw upon?


NationBuilder is designed with you in mind.


NationBuilder provides prebuilt website page types to power your website. For example, with a few clicks of a button you can launch a new event that collects RSVPs, create a fundraising campaign where people can donate by credit card, launch a page to recruit new volunteers or send out a petition to collect online signatures.

Do you want to engage people more deeply on your website by personalising their website experience and communication?


NationBuilder automatically builds detailed profiles of supporters based on how they interact with you on your website and social media. You can also add to that profile manually based on offline interactions. These detailed profiles are you to do two great things:


1. You can personalise your communication with each supporter. Whether sending out a bulk email or speaking so someone on the phone, you’ll have the profile and history to customise your communication and drive highly satisfying interactions.


2. Your new NationBuilder website can speak to people where they are at. For example, if we’ve never the person before, we can prompt them to signup to our newsletter. If they are already a subscriber, we can ask them to become volunteer and if they are already a volunteer we can them to donate.


Using just these two techniques, you’ll develop deeper more prosperous relationships with your community.


Do you have one membership type or many? Do you require different billing cycles? Or even different payment methods such as direct debit? Do you have a complex signup and vetting process?


While NationBuilder has reliable membership features with multiple tiers, online payments and even reminder emails, it is ‘basic’ and lacks the power to run a more sophisticated membership program.


If this sounds like you, we recommend talking to NB Certified Agency to discuss your requirements and explore suitable workarounds. 

Do you regularly run events that require volunteers? Do you have a small number of volunteers or an army? Do you have multiple locations for each event, need to find qualified volunteers based on their location and availability and communicate specific details about their commitment.


The NB platform includes tools for managing a small number of volunteers for a limited number of events, which will work for smaller organisations or simple volunteering events.


If you run larger more regular events, we recommend seeking the advice of an open and honest Certified NationBuilder Expert who will recommend alternative software for this function.

Do you need to track issues raised by your constituents, manage the resolution process and communicate about such issues?


NationBuilder lacks in this area.


While you can create constituent profiles, tag people, utilise custom fields, make notes and email people all within NationBuilder, we have found that it lacks a dedicated structure and workflow for effectively managing even a moderate number of issues. We recommend exploring other systems you can use in tandem with NationBuilder. Be sure to consult a NB Certified Developer about integrating the two systems.

Is fundraising a part of your organising strategy? Do you take donations on your website and/or foster relationships with large donors?


NationBuilder is perfect for you.


The NB platform allows you to quickly launch secure donation pages on your website to collect one-time or monthly donations. With its powerful profiles and segmenting, you can track conversations, interests and plans with large donors.  Last but not least, you send customised bulk messages to donors based on past donations, such as “Hey Jeff, your monthly $1 donation really helps, would you like to help more by increase it to $2?”

Do you interact with supporters out in the field, in events or at doors? Is having their profile in your pocket an advantage? Do you need to capture opportunities anywhere-anytime, to ensure they are followed up.


NationBuilder can help (but there’s a caveat).


While NB does not have their own mobile app, there are several third-party apps for iOS and Android. These apps provide a mobile CRM companion to NationBuilder allowing you to interact with your nation on the go.

Still unsure if NationBuilder is a perfect fit?

Book a discovery call with a NationBuilder Certified Expert

9 Critical Things You Must Check Before 'Getting in Bed' with NationBuilder

Investing in the wrong software platform is horrible nightmare many organisations find themselves in!

Take a minute to review this transparent guide that reveals who NationBuilder IS for and who it ISN'T for. Five minutes now could save you $1,000s not to mention the pounding headache of switching platforms (if it turns out that NationBuilder isn't right for your organisation).

PS. We're 'platform agnostic' and are wholeheartedly committed to only recommending software that fits your needs.